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338 federal vs 308 win

338 federal vs 308 win

I hope that the.S.
2,861 ft/s (872 m/s).
2,668 ftlbf (3,617 J) 357 MAX AR, etc.
I hope this helps you make a good choice.We have asked for such a cartridge for many years, and now Federal has provided.But with my working gloves on let alone heavy winter gloves the lip of the paddle release was just too small for my thumb to catch.Optimum Game Weight (OGW) is a method of estimating the killing power of rifle cartridges developed by Edward.As regular readers.Federal took their new.338 in a different direction than the.338x57 O'Connor, choosing to maximize performance rather than control recoil.338 federal vs 358 win ballistics.While the.338 Federal generates less recoil than the magnum medium bore cartridges, it is still in excess of the theoretical 20 pound limit and very turbotax home and business download discount similar to the existing.338-06 A-Square in rifles of average weight.300 Winchester Magnum cute and country discount code matchgrade ammunition in for use in adapted M24 Sniper Weapon Systems and other.

Guns and Shooting Online know, for some time now I have been promoting.338 wildcat cartridge based on the 7x57 Mauser case first proposed by Jack O'Connor.
And its partitioned lead core allows the front section of the bullet to expand much like that of a typical soft point bullet, creating a wound cavity of considerable diameter.
Arms makers will soon start offering rifles.338 Federal.The.338/210 Partition is entirely adequate for both CXP2 and CXP3 game.The Barnes Triple-Shok is an improved all copper hollow point design with terminal performance like that of its famous predecessor, the Barnes X-Bullet.308 Win produces more energy at the muzzle in most bullet weights (all the way up to the 208 gr Hornady AMax) and, because of much higher ballistic coefficients, delivers more and more energy at the target the farther from the muzzle you get.For deer and black bear it is limited by its trajectory, not its killing power.4 It is a popular selection for hunting moose, elk, and bighorn sheep as it can deliver better colorado lottery office long range performance with better bullet weight than most other. I realize thats an easy chambering for this rifle, but it just doesnt make much sense, utility wise.185 grain Barnes Triple-Shock - 2547/2664 at 100 yards, 2353/2275 at 200 yards, 2169/1932 at 300 yards.

According to the OGW formula, shooting the 210 grain Nosler bullet the.338 Federal is a 200 yard grizzly/brown bear load and a 300 yard Rocky Mountain elk load.