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Paci-Fist was "Wadoken which is beautiful, which is why I worked in the "down-right fist" part.
Cluelash was "muchi which means whip, but also means ignorance.
That is a wowcher promo code october 2017 ridiculous name, so I came up with nobel prize winner in literature 2016 the best possible pun.
To the Point was, putting the word "dagger" into.
Spear It was "yarikiru which contains "spear" (yari) and means "to do something to completion".Yeah, I know it has a katana sprite, but if Chrono Trigger can give a broadsword the name of a katana, I can do the opposite.It was (literally "True Sword" yes, again which can also be read as "serious/earnest".Harmony was Wagokoro, "peaceful heart".Brawlblade was (ken-ka replacing one of the kanji for "brawl" with "sword".However, that "wa" is also used to refer to traditional Japanese things, so everything about her has that angle to it as well.Just felt it was better to replace that one.So its like "Yay, let's go exploring!" to "Bah, that's for kids.The original was (mayumi literally "True Bow but the description acts like it's a girl's name: "Mayumi!The Master Bracelet was the "Sages Bracelet and its description was simply "Whew." (And so it was before I got the reference.) This is in reference to "sage time a term for the period of exhaustion after a guy ejaculates.Yeah.The King of Evil was "Maou-sama a combination of "maou" (dark lord) and "ousama" (king).

(Not to mention one of her skills is named "Appeal" as a pun.).
Selphie's name was originally "Hightech".
Priscilla was just "Prizun".
Which would be slightly better.
Dieh was the best compromise I could get so that was clear, but people would still pronounce it differently from the word "die".So my lewd puns there cellophane bread gift bags aren't unwarranted.Cherie was just "Chia".Frankly, I'm surprised I came up with anything close.Also, her class and first Self-Skill were "uso denwa" (fake call and while I made the skill simply "Fake a Call".Pop Culture, refinery29 PlaneBae Is Not A Romance Mystery Woman Speaks Out.Hero Daughter : Most, if not all of the girls' names, and some of the skill names.(Demon Sword) maken, and the description said maken in the "I wont lose" sense.So, I mean, its totally the same thing, right?Of course, "Maou-sama" could be used as a respectful name for any old dark lord, but the joke is essentially "you never knew what he was the king of!".