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Battleon golden gift box

Many 'zard' variants are designed off of punny names.
Timed Mission : "Bradakhan: Dracomancer Usurper" was an early war with the consequence that failure penalized all players by reducing their gold rewards.
H to M Hailfire Peaks : Paxia is a microcosm of all eight Lorian elements, so the player can see, for instance, a volcano next to a frozen lake.
Infernal Retaliation : A kind of wolf-like monster named Razorclaw is particularly weak to fire, but if the player character hits it with fire, it will deal increased damage back while on fire.There is a Beastmaster class that allows the player character to increase pet/guest damage, summon animals as guests to attack, and absorb enemy attacks to use against them.No-Gear Level : Being 'nerfed' from either disney rewards card worth it the 2008 April Fools quest or through a Rayfish's Desperation Attack replaces the player character's equipment with Nerfage equipment, essentially reducing their effectiveness to zero.The quest released on March 11 turns out to be this trope nameperhaps Falerin is a troper?Giant Foot of Stomping : The player character encounters a brobdingnagian Ultra Giant in the "Out to Sea/Little Problems" quest, which is represented by this trope."Archaic implies lack of utility that is a problematic connotation.Even Evil Has Loved Ones : For Frostval 2014, what sends Zorbak over the edge when seeing his projected Bad Future is the vision of his wife, Mu Glen, falling for Kabroz instead.Elemental Powers : The updated Wizard class allows the player to specialize in casting one of the eight elements.The'Galin's color motif is red and black, has power over Uncreation, and has followers that seek to purge the world of Lore.

His contribution to Erebus's war are 'reversed' monstersthat is, monsters that attack with a certain element and are weak against the same element (in contrast to standard monsters that attack and resist the same element).
Anti-Frustration Features : Bribing Your Way to Victory at Gnuvain's Abode is only required until the player succeeds at the quest; dying won't make Gnuvain diy diwali gifts ask for a second payment.
Most quests just have After-Combat Recovery as a method of healing.
The Uvee enemy is deals Light-element damage that can blind the player character.Letting mana overfill causes the ray yeti hopper giveaway to explode.Yellow Snow : The Yellow Snow doom!The Crane Fan in particular deals Wind-element damage and can fold or unfold for different stats.One of a Thunderchick's attacks is staring at the enemy with huge Puppy-Dog Eyes, and that inflicts damage.Maxwell's daughter Emma has hair that randomly changes color.Gender-Neutral Writing : The player character is either referred to by name, as the Chosen, or with gender-neutral word like 'friend'.

Fighting dragon essences instead of assorted dragonkind gives the player character a guaranteed chance of finding the Dragon Blade instead of a 25 chance.
Cognizant Limbs : The player character battles Carnax and Chillax by separately targeting their heads, arms, feet, and tails.