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Cancel appointment discount tire

When I picked up my car at approximately 6pm, we noticed several dents, scratches and black chipping all around both rims on both the back tires that christmas bourbon gifts were repaired.
Both wheels have identical damage and scoring which would be impossible to do at all, let alone in a day.
Knowing the store closed in 30 minutes, I was reassured they would have it done before they left for the day.
I contacted the corporate office in Arizona to get quicker response and they told us to email them a" for two replacement rims.
Fact: I have rounded edged rims and it is obvious that when the technician removed the tire from the rim, he did not use the proper equipment for a rounded edge rim.Also, even if I did hit a curb on both sides of the tires, the tires protrude out too far to touch the rim.A hour later, my vehicle was just going back.What my theory is or just one theory, they didn't realize the cost to replace the rims and blame me for.Issue: My back rear rims were ruined by Discount Tire.I decided to walk across the street to have dinner and advised the associate there was no rush and he could leave the spare key in the car and would pick my car up when my dinner was over.The tires would show damage as well if this was the case.We have purchased tires in the past for a total of 4 vehicles, including 2 sets of high dollar rims within the past 12 years.I was only getting my tires rotated.

Maybe you should only take appts then walk-ins won't get in the way.
Be a long time before I go back.
I am not looking for any type of extra monetary amounts.
I take pride in all I have and to some it may seem meniscal but, I do not have very many nice things in my life but what I do have, I take pride in and take care.
Despite the fact my husband has been a ASE certified mechanic for almost 20 years, including a mechanic for the US Army, he knows what it looks like when a rim or rims has hit a curb.I need to make the extra effort to locate a quicker servicer.I will never use Discount Tire again nor will I recommend it to anyone else.Background and story: We have been a customer for many years.Well once again, here's my theory: Like I stated earlier, they didn't realize the cost of stock rims on a 12 year old BMW.Finally, today after numerous calls and emails, we got a response and they claim they will only reimburse us for one rim and claim it was because it was our fault that we curbed them.We didn't hear a word for 3 weeks and every time we tried to call or email, the claims person was out or unavailable.We arrived at 4:30pm to get them repaired (unfortunately with my work schedule, this is the only time and day available for me and have been accommodated with this schedule in the past).We have taken pictures of the damaged rims when we got home on Saturday as well as pictures of the undamaged and unmarked tires.I sent my car into Discount Tire on a Saturday to repair nails in both left and right rear of my tires.

I just want Discount Tire to admit and replace the two rims they damaged.
I live a hour away from the nearest discount tire store so I always make appointments for my convenience.
Now, we got to figure out how to come up with the other 397.00 for the other rim.