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Dragon age 2 how to give gifts

Siding cheapoair promo codes 2016 with mages will obviously give you rise in friendship.
Anders will clash with Fenris, who is strong against mages and is an advocate for their control.
This is particularly helpful when you give a plot gift because they trigger a cutscene, and you dont want to be in the middle of a battle when that happens.
There are two possible points where Anders will leave the party.6, click on the gift you want to give.If the character is not in your current party, you can change your party to include the character.Also, hondaautomotiveparts promo code if you are trying to have a friendship or romance with Sebastian, it is advisable to leave him at home for this quest.You can only talk to companions in the home bases for them.Watch the space under the character for.Again, you must be careful with your conversation because your choices can have consequences.Although Anders is recruited as part of the story line, you will need to complete a quest before he will join you.The first approval rating is 5, and all subsequent gifts will go down by one point until you only gain 1 for a gift.If a character has 100 approval rating, gifts will have no effect.If you side with the templars then you will have ti fight Anders before the end.To start the quest off you need to talk to Varric at the Hanged Man.

This will not affect your relationship with Anders.
4, scroll over to the character you want to give the present.
When the battle is over you will have to deal with the following conversation carefully.Execution Put Anders in your party and head off to the Gallows Dungeon.7, close out of the Inventory menu once you are done.And are in there home base.When you arrive at the Chantry you can head inside and up the stairs to find his friend, Karl.Best Answer: When you get a gift it should give you a quest to talk to the corresponding companion.You can choose not to help him, in which case the quest will end here.Somewhere between the end of Awakening and the beginning of DA2, Justice and Anders merged and became one.

Completion Speak with Anders back in his clinic to finish the quest.
The opposite is true for rivalry if you are mean to him.
With some cajoling you will be able to find out form her that Anders is in Darktown.