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Stardew valley all gifts

Each villager has individual likes and dislikes, which affects how many friendship points are gained when you give them a gift.
References See in cibc fcib visa platinum rewards the game code.
History.3 : The Golden Pumpkin is now a universal love instead of a universal hate.
Individual villager tastes override Universal tastes in many cases, as shown.
Your gift to your secret friend at the Feast of the Winter Star is worth 5x the normal amount of friendship points.(The Wizard is not included among these villagers.) Completing an Item Delivery Quest awards 150 Friendship points with the requesting villager.Romance Main article: Marriage Some villagers can be romanced by the player (see marriage candidates ).Glitch: If you do, one of the checkbox checks against their name will disappear.Note: "All Mushrooms common Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom "All Eggs egg, Brown Egg, Large Egg, Large Brown Egg, Duck Egg, Void Egg, villager.This does not allow you to give an additional gift that week.Scrolling the mouse over the circle will display the number of hearts out of 10, if not married.You can lose friendship points by: not talking to a villager ( see, decay giving them a gift they dislike ( see, gifts hitting them with a slingshot all beauty new customer discount code (-30, can only score once per day rummaging through a trash can when they're within 7 tiles.For the purpose of gift-giving, the week begins on Sunday.You can view all heart meters on the social tab of the game menu.Note that Dinosaur Eggs are considered Artifacts and not Eggs for gifting purposes.These items are guaranteed to give the most points (80) towards your relationship, but may be difficult to obtain.

Leah loves Truffle, dislikes Fried Egg, hates Bread.
The friendship points are multiplied on their birthday (8) and Secret Santa event (5 Gift Taste Normal Santa (5) Birthday (8) Love Like Neutral Dislike Hate If a gift is liked or loved, the points gained will be further affected by quality of the item.
George, gus, haley, Harvey, beer/Mayonnaise/Honey/Parsnip, jas, daffodil/Earth Crystal/Frozen Tear/Apple, jodi.
When talking to villagers, a circle will appear next to their portrait.
Villagers are characters in, stardew Valley.Crystal, elliott, emily, evelyn.When you propose marriage, the heart meters of all other marriage candidates convert to the behavior of all other villagers, since none are marriage candidates any longer.If you do so, that meter is unlocked and operates as before until ten hearts is reached.Universal Dislikes This is a list of items that will decrease friendship by 20 points when given as gifts.Each villager has unique likes and dislikes, and will respond to gifts differently.(See also: List of All Gifts ) Villager Loves Dislikes Hates Abigail Gems: Amethyst Cooking: Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Spicy Eel Vegetables: Pumpkin All Vegetables except Pumpkin Alex Cooking: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner Caroline Cooking: Fish Taco first bathrooms discount code Flowers: Summer Spangle Artisan Goods: Duck Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise.