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The gift of the magi movie black and white

Metal Vessel Ugo was Aladdin's Djinn, 80 although it was later revealed that he was actually Solomon 's Djinn.
Sphintus then explains how the Academy works, telling him about Iktiyar.
All the Djinn are surprised by that, and Leraje and Amon inquire if Aladdin manchester road race prize money is sure about that.Aladdin and Titus go to the 5th District to see Marga when the Chancellor suddenly appears and asks them to guide him to Marga.He goes with Alibaba, Sharrkan and Olba to drink.An unknown voice comments that this tool is incredible, and Aladdin explains that this tool allows him to see the old characters in the books clearly, which makes reading much smother.After overhearing a noble refer to magicians as another species after the war, Mogamett came to the conclusion that magicians were not born into this world to support the Goi but rather to lead the world to a better future.Aladdin realizes that Hakuei is no longer here.Morgiana decides to help them since it means that they could utilize the country's resources to fulfill their own respective goals if they manage to solve the problem and Aladdin happily agrees.Aladdin and Alibaba are very surprised and horrified when Kouen changes into his Agares Djinn Equip and creates a volcano and how he replenish his own magoi by using the lava flow.Alibaba consoles his boss, telling him not to worry since he was going to pay Budel back by Dungeon Diving and asks Aladdin to summon Ugo to which he obliges, reassuring his boss of their success but he introduces Aladdin as his servant, which greatly.Mannes (Mormont Mmonto Mayor of the city of Eindoak who is knowledgeable in the Victini myth.

Also Known As, chibi, midget, the 4th Magi, solomon's Proxy.
He fled, first to New Orleans and later to Honduras, with which the United States had no extradition treaty at that time.
Myers tells the Aladdin she will listen to his explanation for being in the 5th District, and that Chancellor Mogamett would decide for a lenient punishment in his case.
Alibaba interpolates Aladdin and asks him why didn't he say that to him before, and Aladdin answers that because he's a Magi, and is his job.
Homo Magi Physiology, power/Ability to: Be a magic-wielding human.She acts like a mother to him, sewing him a new robe and giving him Mogamett's staff (where he admits that both were a bit sloppy).Aladdin getting punched by Judar Later that night, an upset Alibaba relates the failure of the negotiation to Aladdin and Morgiana before Ja'far enters and asks Alibaba to follow him as Sinbad was going to announce the results of the negotiation.9 Nevertheless, the name "O.Scheherazade orders the army retreat again and believes that Aladdin has seen what Yunan has.Just as he's about to finish her off with Har-Har Infigar, Ithnan intervenes and gives Dunya the power to full body Dark Djinn Equip by evoking memories of her hatred.Yunan explains that his magic doesn't actually use physical objects but instead, it uses small particles that he reconfigures to create anything: using it to put food on the table.In the distance, Zaynab 's Magical Weapon continues producing the red hallucinogenic fog while Hassan uses his yellow acidic mist to melt a way through the wall.Magic Tools Magic Turban : Aladdin also possesses a Magic Turban which he typically wears on his head.

It was due to the crystal that it was discovered Aladdin's affinity with Fire and thus his classification as a "Red Magician" came.