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To be elected president a candidate must win

Each state has a certain number of delegates depending on many people live there.
House committee reporting on the proposed Twentieth Amendment coupon code checkout said the "Congress would have 'no discretion' and 'would declare that the deceased candidate had received a majority of the votes.
Roosevelt survived an assassination attempt in pineapple gift wrap Miami, Florida.These same state winner-take-all laws force presidential candidates to focus 94 of their general-election campaign events in 12 closely divided battleground states with the remaining states receiving little or no attention.Vice President, Mike Pence was the 46th person balls in a jar gag gift to be Vice President-elect.Retrieved January 15, 2017.Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr ran together, but they tied in the popular vote.Each state's (and the District of Columbia's) certificate of ascertainment is the official document (usually signed by the governor of the state and/or by the state's secretary of state) that declares the names of the electors, certifying their appointment as members of the Electoral College.The section also provides that if the president-elect dies before noon on January 20, the vice president-elect becomes president.Before the ratification of the Twentieth Amendment in 1933, which moved the start of the presidential term to January, the president-elect did not assume office until March, four months after the popular election.With a primary source document, the first reading allows students to determine what the text says. .The Globe and Mail.Students should understand that the framers of the Constitution felt an Electoral College (informed voters selected by states) would answer these concerns and provided a framework for the Electoral College.

As a result, incoming presidents gained valuable preparation time prior to assuming office.
In 2012, they concentrated all of their campaign events in 12 states.
Currently, in every state, an election by the people is the method employed for the choice of the members of the Electoral College.
Likewise, if a vice president succeeds to the presidency by way of the president's death, resignation or removal (via impeachment ) from office, that person does not hold the title of president-elect, as they would become president immediately.Engaging Students There are new national standards for studying social studies (2015) called the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies.Code, Chapter 1 or an alternative date set by statute) and if the ballots are accepted without objections, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates winning at least 270 electoral votesa majority of the total number of electoral votesare certified as having won the election by the.Congress, House, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, report to accompany.J.List of presidents-elect edit Vice President-elect edit During the presidential transition period, the president-elect's running mate is known as the Vice President-elect.Additionally, on February 15, 1933, just 23 days after the Twentieth Amendment went into effect, President-elect Franklin.The second came in 1974, when Ford, who had succeeded to the presidency following Nixon's resignation, nominated Nelson Rockefeller to succeed him."Profile of Vice President-Designate Gerald Ford".To each certificate of vote, a certificate of ascertainment is annexed.

Section 3 of the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 was enacted to help smooth transitions between incoming and outgoing presidential administrations.
Retrieved October 19, 2016.