100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One – Chapter 859

Alternative Name: 100 Million Yuan Wife, 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One, Yi Wan Lao Po Mai Yi Song Yi, 亿万老婆买一送一, ¥1 Trillion Wife: Buy One Get One Free

Author: 安知晓, Calm Understanding, An Zhixiao

Chapter 859: Untitled

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When he was on his way to the Sophie Vasi, Azure Dragon called him to inform him of it. He felt that was preposterous and never dreamed that An Xunuo was actually a counter-terrorist fighter and the overall team leader of the special forces team.

He even joked with Azure Dragon about how the latter could have gotten his intelligence wrong, but Azure Dragon solemnly told him that he had not. Ophelia’s background was too squeaky-clean. Azure Dragon had his doubts and hence looked into An Xunuo’s life. Moreover, she once trained on Spec-Ops Island. His gradual investigation revealed the truth.

“Since you’re a counter-terrorist fighter, aren’t the terrorists your nemesis?” Ye Ningyuan looked into her eyes with his deep, pitch-black eyes. She was not the least surprised and had guessed that he had learned of it.

“Yes!” An Xunuo said and looked away. She was a counter-terrorist fighter.

Ever since her aptitude at physical combat was discovered, she was sent to the islands for training. Actually, Michael was also a counter-terrorist fighter who had left the anti-terrorist groups when his wife died. Back then, Michael’s wife encountered a mishap, which was orchestrated by a terrorist organization Michael once swore to destroy, and that caused her to become a vegetable for three years. The special forces had seven different teams, each with different responsibilities, and Michael was the team leader of the action team. As he was in the light, he crossed several terrorist organizations and made plenty of enemies. His wife lost her life as a result of terrorist organizations seeking revenge on Michael. To protect his daughter, he backed out of the anti-terrorist groups, but that did not stop the terrorist groups from exacting their revenge on him. He started to realize that if An Xunuo was unable to protect herself, she would eventually give her life too.

Michael hence sent An Xunuo to the island for training. As the anti-terrorist groups were very close with the North-American intelligence organizations, several counter-terrorist fighters were trained on that island. Only the highest echelons of the anti-terrorist group and intelligence organizations knew that. Everybody else assumed that this island trained intelligence agents, but many of these agents eventually went on to become counter-terrorist fighters.

An Xunuo was one of them.

One time, the team leader of the search team was selecting his team members. He took immense interest in her intelligence, physical fitness, ability to respond, and physical combat prowess and paid attention to her development. He secretly liaised with Michael and hoped she would be able to join the counter-terrorist groups and inherit his vision.

Terrorist activities in those few years became more frequent, and international tensions were aflame. Afraid that the terrorist organizations would harm his family, Michael backed out of his organization despite his passion for the job. An Xunuo faced no objection and joined the anti-terrorist group.

When An Xunuo was fifteen, she joined the action team of the anti-terrorist group and officially became a counter-terrorist fighter. She wanted to use her identity as an intelligence operative as a cover, so she started to lead a double life.

When she was eighteen, she became the youngest team leader of the team in the history of the anti-terrorist group.

At the start of the year, the overall team leader stepped down due to his illness. The new leader was usually selected from the team leaders of the seven teams. An Xunuo, despite being the least experienced, was the most capable for the job. The outgoing overall team leader made a bold decision and appointed her as the new leader.

Facts proved that he was correct. An Xunuo, as the overall team leader for the past half year, had performed extremely well except for the Michael incident that spiraled out of control.

Her mission this time was to disrupt a weapons deal between the Top Terrorist Organization and the Sophie Vasi. To put it differently, An Xunuo was thinking about how she could weaken the Top Terrorist Organization and create parity in power between the top three, which would make the elimination of the Top Terrorist Organization much easier.

She had proposed this weapons deal, and it was a ruse that Morales and she had put up. To make the ruse even more legitimate, she even involved the Korean Mafia and used the romance between two Mafia bosses as a cover to actually lure Ye Ningyuan into it.

Facts showed that she achieved it!

An Xunuo’s wit was rivaled by few. Her every step was terrifyingly tailored for Ye Ningyuan. She guessed that Ye Ningyuan would want Morales to pay thirty percent of the deal quantum, and she even went through the books so clearly and had her headquarters prepare the money since long ago. The information was also prepared long ago for Azure Dragon to investigate. Everything happened exactly within her expectations.

She had orchestrated the deal and would personally disrupt the deal whilst gathering all the information she could about the deal: banks, funds, routes, the Top Terrorist Organization’s arsenals, including their parts factories, final assembly plants, and transportation routes. Ye Ningyuan was also very smart. He had been exploiting the loopholes in the arms control industry for all he could. This time, An Xunuo had almost all of Ye Ningyuan’s modus operandi figured out and had access to the account books of the Top Terrorist Organization in this half of the year and whom they had been dealing with. If the information were submitted, the Top Terrorist Organization would lose half its turf.

She had laid the trap and gathered the intelligence. Every step of hers was well-planned, save her feelings for him. She could not tell what kind of irony that was.

However, she really had feelings for him and hence held onto all the information and did not submit them.

Ye Ningyuan and her beliefs were ultimately different.

Since young, she knew that she would be a counter-terrorist fighter. Michael’s deep-seated disgust for the terrorist organizations had certainly left an indelible impact on her. To her, the counter-terrorists and terrorists were sworn nemesis.

Like Ye Ningyuan and herself.

She planned to have Morales trap Ye Ningyuan in the underground city. While she knew that Ye Ningyuan was terrifyingly capable, the Sophie Vasi had many people and he would eventually be run thin. All she needed was three days. Three days was more than enough for her to take action so that the Top Terrorist Organization would lose information about Ye Ningyuan. To her, it was way easier to wage psychological warfare. Once the Top Terrorist Organization was in chaos, it would be much easier for her to rout and take them out.

Who would tell her that there was a change to the plan? Why did she even send him out through the concealed path and even think of ruining the chip? It was as though everything she had done was for nothing.

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, really.

She laughed softly, and Ye Ningyuan frowned. When he received Azure Dragon’s call and heard him describe everything from head to tail, he suddenly recalled a call he had with Commander before he knew An Xunuo. Commander coldly joked with him and said, “The anti-terrorist group has a terrifying overall team leader. Young man, you’ve got a new sworn enemy.”

Commander was also the actual commander of the international anti-terrorist organization, and the special forces team naturally fell under his jurisdiction. Since the special forces team was often on the ground, there were times he was unable to influence them and hence warned him.

Ye Ningyuan, however, did not take the news seriously. When he later returned from Paradise Island, Commander looked for him once again and almost repeated himself. “I heard that you are in love? Young man, love is merely a ruse. Open your eyes wide, you fool.”

He did not particularly mind it, but Commander was already reminding him that there was something amiss about Xunuo.

Despite his quick wit and interspersed thoughts, he did not relate An Xunuo to the counter-terrorists. He thought she was also part of the underworld all along.

Little did he know that she was the police and he was the thief.

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