100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One – Chapter 867

Alternative Name: 100 Million Yuan Wife, 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One, Yi Wan Lao Po Mai Yi Song Yi, 亿万老婆买一送一, ¥1 Trillion Wife: Buy One Get One Free

Author: 安知晓, Calm Understanding, An Zhixiao

Chapter 867: Untitled

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Ningyuan paused for a while and turned his head to look at Mo Xiaobai. He asked, “How do you know her?”

Mo Yeyan wanted to cry. He shook his head and took a few steps back. “I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Brother…” He cried as he ran toward his beloved little brother. Mo Chen stretched out his arms as if he was very generous. “Come, Mo Xiaobai, I will comfort you.”

Mo Xiaobai was even happier to hug him, but Mo Yao stretched out his leg and tripped Mo Xiaobai. Mo Xiaobai fell down beside Mo Yao and rolled one round on the carpet. Mo Wushuang covered her face. Why did she have such an idiotic brother? Mo Chen cried as he did not get to hug Mo Xiaobai. ‘Big boss, I hate you! I hate you so much!’ Mo Xiaobai touched his painful little butt and his small world was about to explode by itself. ‘Big boss, I’ve hated you for a long time.’ Mo Xiaobai imagined that he would one day become Ultraman and the big boss would become the monster and he would rush forward to punch the monster. He would then step on the big boss in a triumphant manner. The big boss would always bully Mo Xiaobai and he felt that he was the most pathetic one. The dream was beautiful but the reality was cruel. Once Mo Xiaobai met with Mo Yao’s cold and domineering aura, the fire in him was extinguished. It withered like the brinjals in June.

Mo Wushuang kicked Mo Xiaobai’s injured little butt and gave her order. “Don’t say that you have the same parents as me. It’s too embarrassing.”

Mo Xiaobai was despised by his own sister. He looked at his little brother with teary eyes and Mo Chen coughed while giving him an empathetic look. Both of them felt like crying when they thought of their own brother and sister.

Kaka and Ye Feimo looked at each other and the two scheming people whispered to each other. Kaka was talking and Ye Feimo was listening and would sometimes nod. Ye Feimo seemed to be looking at Mo Xiaobai in a teasing gaze, but he usually didn’t have any expressions on his face, and stupefied was his only expression. Ye Feimo’s sudden scheming expression made Mo Wushuang and Mo Chen tremble.

Kaka sat up straight and Ye Feimo straightened his back. The two people in cahoots sat down again and acted as if nothing had happened. The few little carrots in the Mo family were all thinking that the two of them must have talked bad about them.

Ye Feimo asked, “Yeyan, why are you so close with my sister-in-law?”

He focused on the words ‘sister-in-law’.

Mo Yeyan understood what it meant by ‘careless talk leads to trouble’ and touched his heart to act like he was about to faint. Ye Ningyuan walked over and pulled Mo Yeyan’s collar. Ye Ningyuan was smiling as he spat out one word. “Speak!”

Mo Xiaobai suffered in pain once he saw Ye Ningyuan’s smile and how Ye Ningyuan just lifted him up until his feet were off the ground. Wasn’t the youngest member in a family the one that was the most doted on? Wasn’t it? Why was the youngest one in their family the one that was always tortured? He was the youngest, followed by his little brother, but both of them were often bullied by the older ones. No wonder the two of them were so close. It seemed like this was the so-called revolutionary feelings and on a united front.

“Cousin, I was talking nonsense. Don’t be too serious with me.” Mo Xiaobai howled. Although he was an idiot and spoke too fast, he still understood what he should or should not say.

His mommy did not say that they could talk about it, so he would definitely be tortured badly if he dared to talk about it. His mommy was very scary.

Mo Wushuang and Mo Yao had no intentions to save him and there was nothing Mo Chen could do even if he wanted to save Mo Xiaobai. It’s tragic to be the youngest one in their family. ‘Mo Xiaobai, I’m with you spiritually.’ The way Mo Xiaobai was being pulled up by their cousin looked so pathetic.

“Little Yan, don’t lie to me.”

Mo Xiaobai was quick-witted and cried before he wiped away his tears in a pathetic manner and said, “Mommy went to look for her and said that she wanted to lecture Xu Nuo. This is how I got to know her. You should look for my mommy if you want to know more.”

Ye Ningyuan’s expression changed. This was indeed something that Ye Wei would do. Mo Wushuang and Mo Yao looked at each other before looking away. Both of them were thinking of how Mo Xiaobai was not so stupid, after all.

Looking at how quick-witted he was, Queen Mo would accept the fact that he was somewhat related to her.

“She lectured Xu Nuo?”

“No, sister-in-law said that she was not free as she was going to attend the anti-terrorism conference.” Mo Xiaobai looked sincere, His big teary eyes were as if saying that he was a small rabbit or a small sheep that was the most innocent and pure. His cousin should believe him as he would not lie.

Mo Xiaobai was getting better at telling lies and was so proud that he wanted to continue the lie. King Mo coughed and Mo Xiaobai immediately became quiet. Mo Xiaobai was not afraid of Big Boss Mo and Second Boss Mo, but he was afraid of Ye Wei and Mo Yao.

The two of them were his greatest enemies, among which Mo Yao was ranked the first.

Ye Ningyuan loosened his hands and Mo Xiaobai fell on the carpet. He slammed the table as they were too overboard. He looked up angrily. “Little brother, let’s run away from home.”

Mo Chen, “…”

Ye Ningyuan turned his head to look at the news. The anti-terrorism conference happened a few days ago and had already ended. The identities of most of the anti-terrorist officers were confidential and not announced to the public, so he did not see her. He did not even see Commander and others.

He only saw familiar faces of some politicians.

He frowned and turned off the television before going upstairs. Where was Xu Nuo? Where would she go after attending the conference? He had the urge to call Azure Dragon to ask.

Even under such circumstances, he was still shamelessly reluctant to let it go.

Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye said that they did not blame them. But, if Xu Nuo was not the person he liked, his daddy might have already attacked Xu Nuo to take revenge for Hailan. How would his daddy not take revenge?

He knew that although he was not officially together with Xu Nuo, they should have already ended.

But he did not want to let her go and he was confused. ‘Hailan, would you blame your brother?’ He asked himself but nobody could answer him. Ye Ningyuan went upstairs and laid down on his bed.

What should he do?

He had lost Nuo Nuo for so many years and could finally open his heart to love another woman. But, this incident happened, so what should he do? He did not want to let go as he was lonely for so long and was eager to be happy.

He yearned for her.

He might not be so lonely if he had not experienced what love was like or being hurt by love. But, he had experienced it and had been hurt before. He had no one to talk to about the pain of having it and then losing it.

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