100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One – Chapter 875

Alternative Name: 100 Million Yuan Wife, 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One, Yi Wan Lao Po Mai Yi Song Yi, 亿万老婆买一送一, ¥1 Trillion Wife: Buy One Get One Free

Author: 安知晓, Calm Understanding, An Zhixiao

Chapter 875: Untitled

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xu Nuo and Ye Ningyuan spent very happy days on the island.

It was quiet and far from the noise. Xu Nuo had never had such a happy and carefree life. There were no murders, missions, or terrorists. Oh, there was a terrorist, but he was her most gentle terrorist.

As the sun rose and the sun set, Ye Ningyuan had not had such comfortable days in a long time. The key was that he was happy to have her by his side, even if she did nothing—as long as she stayed by his side.

There was something that Xu Nuo was curious about and she could not help but ask him. “Have we fought seriously before?”

Ye Ningyuan seriously pondered over this question. Was it very important?

It seemed like they had not.

“Come on!”

“For what?”

“Fighting,” Xu Nuo said matter-of-factly. Ye Ningyuan had a sad look on his face. His wife was very violent, and his future days were dire. “Nuo Nuo, don’t. I will not be able to defeat you.”

Ye Ningyuan raised his hands in surrender and decisively gave up his rights to victory. If there was anyone in the world who could make him surrender with both hands, it would have to be Xu Nuo. Based on his analysis of his and Xu Nuo’s skills, he was better. Xu Nuo probably knew too. There was no need to fight. He just admitted defeat.

“I have nothing to do,” Xu Nuo said.

Ye Ningyuan hugged her and reached his hand into her clothes. He smiled ambiguously. “Actually, we can fight in another way.”

Xu Nuo stared at him. F***, this pervert.

“F*** off!” Ye Ningyuan smiled cunningly and pushed her onto the beach. Xu Nuo kicked him and he agilely dodged before planting his kiss on her lips. “We have never done it on the beach.” He smiled.

“Stone, can you stop thinking about this?” Xu Nuo wanted to cry but had no tears. She no longer had the desire to beat him up. When he wanted to swim in the water the day before, she did not stop him. She endured swimming naked, but she did not expect him to drag her into the water. The consequences were obvious. Luckily, nobody passed by. If not, she would have been utterly embarrassed.

He also gave a fair reason that he had never done it in the sea. F***, was that what people said? Was he planning to do it everywhere? It’s not like he had done it everywhere before.

“Nuo Nuo, you have to empathize with the feelings of a man who had just stolen a forbidden fruit.”


“My daddy said that men would become perverts in front of the woman they love.”

Xu Nuo blushed and Ye Ningyuan decisively pounced on her. As he was about to remove her shirt, he heard Xu Nuo mumble, “Did you hear anything?”

“Focus!” Ye Ningyuan pinched her chest, and Xu Nuo gently moaned. This pervert was really horny, but she did not have the time to think too much before she was pulled into the whirlpool of desire. It was only when the clear sound of desire rang in the air that Ye Ningyuan and Xu Nuo could not ignore that sound. He quickly grabbed the clothes for her to wear and cursed uncouthly. Shit! Which bastard is it!

Xu Nuo gloated at his misfortune. This was the outcome of being horny.

The helicopter hovered around the island and slowly landed. Wushuang stuck her head out and greeted him happily. “Brother, you are so passionate. Break a leg. We will be your audience.”

A dark cloud hung over Ye Ningyuan…

Weren’t they only arriving at the end of the month?

Xu Nuo wanted to find a hole to hide in. It was too embarrassing, especially when she saw Cheng Anya, Eleven, and Ye Wei’s ambiguous gazes. She was even more embarrassed. Was this considered being caught in the act?

Ye Ningyuan was calm as though nothing had happened. “Mommy, Auntie, why are you here?”

Ye Wei smiled charmingly. “If I hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have seen such a good show. Baby, you are too passionate. Doing it in broad daylight.”

Xu Nuo stood there with a red face. The kids had already run off to explore and Ningyuan reminded them not to run too far. Xu Nuo really did not know what to say in front of this family and merely greeted them. As she was not good with words, Cheng Anya, Ye Wei, and company did not mind. Ye Ningyuan helped them carry their luggage and went in. The room was not tidied up because Ye Ningyuan did not expect them to arrive so early.

“Mommy, why didn’t you tell us that you were coming?”

“We happened to pass by. Wei Wei said she wanted to visit you, so we came along,” Cheng Anya said with a smile. Ye Wei was clearly doing it on purpose.

However, Cheng Anya would not say that.

“Mommy, Nuo Nuo and I…”

“Don’t explain. I know. Your auntie has already said it,” Cheng Anya said. She looked at the girl who went up to help Eleven carry her luggage and smiled. “Very good.”

“Thank you, Mommy.”

“By the way, when are you going to marry Xu Nuo?” Cheng Anya asked teasingly. They seemed to be very compatible with each other. It seemed like Ning Ning had already settled Xu Nuo, so what happened next would not be a big problem.

She started to feel that being a grandmother in her thirties was not a dream.

With so many people suddenly appearing in their world, Ye Ningyuan and Xu Nuo adapted to it quickly and helped them tidy up their rooms the whole afternoon. Ye Ningyuan ordered people to bring over a few sets of bed accessories and some daily necessities, and they only finished in the evening.

In the evening, Rong Yan, Ye Wei, and Eleven prepared a sumptuous seafood feast. The kids were extremely happy and ate to their heart’s content. Xu Nuo could not get used to such a lively atmosphere. She buried her head and did not say much.

Every time Ye Wei, Cheng Anya, and company said something to her, she would reply simply. She was the perfect example of following the mantra, silence was gold. She kept her head down and ate. Ye Wei asked him how he recognized her, but Xu Nuo would probably not tell him given her character. Ye Ningyuan kept them in suspense and did not tell them the truth. Everybody was smart enough to not ask.

Mo Yeyan, on the other hand, asked with the soup spoon in hand, “Ningyuan, when are you getting married?”

Ye Wei gave him a thumbs up for the question. Small White was still smart at times, but Mo Xiaobai did not find him smart. Wasn’t it obvious? It was fun to attend a wedding and be a flower girl.

“As long as she’s willing, anytime.” Ye Ningyuan smiled.

Mo Xiaobai then asked Xu Nuo, “Xu Nuo, when are you going to marry Ningyuan?”

Xu Nuo looked down as she ate and pretended not to hear anything. Ye Ningyuan laughed by the side. Mo Xiaobai was a child who would never give up if he could not get an answer. He asked a few more times and Xu Nuo looked up. “I don’t know.”

Mo Xiaobai opened his mouth and blurted out, “Ningyuan, she dislikes you.”

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