Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO – Chapter 1561 – I Am The Best At Attracting Hate From Her.

Alternative Name: 悠哉兽世:狼夫么么哒

Author: Su Yunjin

Chapter 1561: I Am The Best At Attracting Hate From Her.

“What do you mean?” Elvis pursued.

Cole took a deep breath and said, “Don’t you understand? The child in Ah Gu’s womb is currently absorbing the powers from Tear of the Beast Deity and Love of the Sky. If this continues, within three months, her womb would burst and cost both their lives.”

Elvis staggered backwards when he heard “womb would burst and cost both their lives”.

The phrase was simple to understand it was as though a landmine had exploded in Elvis’ mind.

With much difficulty, he turned his head and looked at Lea. As he gritted his teeth, he said, “This child cannot stay.”

He had to eradicate anything that could threaten Gu Mengmeng’s life, even if it was Lea’s child or his.

Initially, when Gu Mengmeng had trouble giving birth to Kanwu, if she had not threatened with her own life, he would have crushed Kanwu to death without any hesitation, just to protect her. Now that this child was Lea’s… he would still do the same.

There was no one or anything more important than Gu Mengmeng, including himself.

Cole said coldly, “Ah Gu would not agree to this.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Elvis said with a grim look and looked towards Lea, then said, “I can do the cruel job. No matter how infuriated Xiao Meng is afterwards, I will bear all the consequences. You… take good care of her.”

Lea held him back and said, “Calm down first.”

“You cannot bear it?” Elvis asked back with a sinister gaze.

Lea shook his head and said, “In my eyes, no one is comparable to Mengmeng. If her life is being threatened, I will personally get rid of this child. But if there is a way to not hurt Mengmeng, why should we let her cry?”

Elvis was stunned and looked at Lea with a confused face.

Lea turned around to look at Cole and said, “What do you mean when you talked about opening the doors of time and space?”

Cole, “When the doors of time and space are opened, the seven treasures would be gathered together. This would mean that the Tear of the Beast Deity and Love of the Sky would be removed from her body. The child in her womb would then be unable to absorb energy from the seven treasures and the problem would naturally be resolved.”

Lea’s gaze shifted down slightly as he said, “But the Spirit of the Rocky Cliffs has yet to appear.”

Cole laughed softly and replied, “The Spirit of the Rocky Cliffs has yet to appear because I am not in enough pain. Probably when Ah Gu is filled with hatred and personally pierce through my left chest to touch my heart… the Spirit of the Rocky Cliffs would appear.”

Lea frowned and considered for a long time. He shook his head and said, “You have explained everything in the past to her. Judging by her character… she must be feeling guilt towards you and won’t be able to harm you.”

Cole stepped back and revealed a sly and despicable smile, while saying, “I am the best… at attracting hate from her.”

“What are you intending to do?” Lea was doubtful.

With a pair of reddened eyes, Cole stared at Lea and said, “I want you to die!”

The energy in Lea’s body was instantly sucked dry and blood flowed out from all over his body as he collapsed to the ground.

Fury of Beast King…

Elvis stared at him with a pair of enraged eyes.

Cole scoffed, “What? Does the Wolf King want to kill me? Ha, you have to think properly. If I were to die now, the Spirit of the Rocky Cliffs would not appear and the thing in Ah Gu’s womb would cost her life. Just by comparing our fighting capability, I am definitely not your match but nothing is unfair in battle, you have no way to retaliate.”

As he spoke, he reached his hand out at Elvis’ chest and crushed his heart without any hesitation.

Gu Mengmeng felt consecutive pain from the two mating marks and immediately awoke. Like a stranded fish, she lay on the bed and tried to take in deep breaths. Her eyes no longer seemed sleepy and were wide open. Suppressing her urge to cry, she shouted, “Elvis, Lea? Respond, respond to me!”

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