Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant – Chapter 706 – Master, is it My Turn to Beat People Up?

Alternative Name: A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World, Vú Em Chi Dị Giới Phòng ăn, 奶爸的异界餐厅

Author: 轻语江湖, Qing Yu Jiang Hu

Chapter 706 Master, is it My Turn to Beat People Up?

“Oi, you fat bastard, are you going to tell the truth or not? If you keep feeding me lies, I’m going to skin and cook you like a roast pig!”

In a dark room, a woman was holding a chair, which she swung viciously into the body of the fatso who knelt down before her. The chair was instantly pulverized by the force of the impact.

The fatso cowered in the corner of the room with his arms shielding his head, and his voice trembled as he said, “P-please spare me, Princess, I really don’t know what you’re talking about. The incident from three years ago really had nothing to do with our Magus Tower. Besides, this isn’t how you cook roast pig…”

“Oh? You still dare to talk back to me? If I say this is how roast pig is cooked, then this is how roast pig is cooked!” Another chair somehow appeared in the woman’s hands before being shattered against the fatso’s body again.

Elliot had been knocked unconscious, and even Richard was being threatened by Krassu. All of the magic casters gathered around the entrance had fallen completely silent, wondering what was going to happen next.

At the core of the matter, Krassu was no longer a member of the Magus Tower, and he had clearly come here with the sole intention of humiliating the Magus Tower. In doing so, he would be humiliating all of the members of the Magus Tower in the process, and with that in mind, all of the magic casters were beginning to lean toward siding with Richard.

“Is Master Krassu proposing a tower ascending match between that little half-elf girl and Kola?”

“Kola is the president’s most prized young disciple, and he’s already a 5th-tier magic caster at just 12 years old. He’s being touted as the most brilliant prodigy in the history of the Magus Tower, and his target is none other than surpassing Princess Irina herself!”

“Not only is Kola the youngest to reach the fifth level of the tower, he was also the fastest to do so among all 5th-tier magic casters who have achieved the same feat. This little girl has only been studying magic for two months; how would she possibly be able to scale the fifth level of the tower?”

All of the magic casters were discussing quietly among themselves. They had heard many rumors about Amy’s prodigious talent, but in their eyes, there was no way that such an adorkable little girl could scale the fifth level of the tower.

Cultivating as a magic caster was not easy. There was a major hurdle once every three tiers, and many people were unable to become intermediate magic casters even after trying for their entire lives. Aside from the extremely talented prodigies, the minimum prerequisite for everyone else looking to join the Magus Tower was that they had to be a 4th-tier magic caster.

Despite that, many magic casters were unable to reach the 5th-tier even after joining the Magus Tower. Manifestation magic and ability endowment posed another two hurdles that impeded many people’s progression. Only those with sufficient aptitude or willing to put in extensive amounts of hard work were able to get to that level.

Kola had been cultivating for six years, and had mastered manifestation magic as well as ability endowment at the tender of age of 12. His aptitude was far superior to even that of the likes of Hank and George, and he was already being referred to as the number one young prodigy of the Magus Tower.

If Amy had also mastered manifestation magic and ability endowment after just two months of studying magic, how astonishing would that be?

Richard’s expression was also quite strained after being threatened by Krassu in front of so many people, but he remained completely unflustered. He took a glance at Amy, and a cold smile appeared on his face as he said, “You’ve only been instructing her for two months; how is she going to be able to compete with my disciple?”

“Hehe, she’ll beat up your disciple, just like she did with those little brats you sent to Chaos City.” Krassu pursed his lips before pulling out a blue gemstone, and he smiled as he continued, “I’m willing to bet this Water Spirit Jewel that my disciple will win. If she loses, you can have this jewel, but if your disciple loses, you have to give me that Fire Spirit Lotus that you have.”

Richard’s eyes immediately lit up at the sight of the Water Spirit Jewel in Krassu’s hand. He glanced at Krassu, then at Amy, and hesitated momentarily before nodding as he said, “You have yourself a deal.”

“Good.” Krassu stowed away the Water Spirit Jewel with a hint of a smug smile on his face.

Is Amy already a 5th-tier magic caster? Mag was feeling quite befuddled. He had been quite busy with the matters surrounding the steam engine, so he hadn’t been paying enough attention to Amy of late.

Both the Water Spirit Jewel and the Fire Spirit Lotus were extremely valuable treasures to water-type and fire-type magic casters, respectively, capable of enhancing their spiritual power and magical mastery.

Furthermore, the Fire Spirit Lotus was rather special in that if a fire-type magic caster were to consume it, it would be possible for them to attain some sort of special ability. The ability was different depending on who consumed the lotus flower. Some were only able to master low-level fire-type magic, while others had been endowed with some fire-type abilities such as fire erosion and things of that nature.

As such, this was undoubtedly a massive gamble.

However, Mag certainly didn’t believe that Krassu was an idiot. No one was more familiar with the state of the Magus Tower than he was, and there was no way that he would travel all this way to Rodu just to make a bet that he would have no chance of winning.

Everyone entered the hall on the first floor of the Magus Tower, which was around the size of a soccer field and around three to four meters tall.

News of the upcoming contest between Krassu’s and Richard’s disciple soon spread throughout the entire Magus Tower, and many magic casters flocked to the first floor to witness this contest between prodigies. In a way, it was also a contest between Krassu and Richard, the former and current leaders of the Magus Tower.

The tower ascending trial had been invented by Krassu to introduce competition among the magic casters of the Magus Tower. Not only could it assess a magic caster’s power, the number of levels ascended and the speed at which those levels were ascended could determine a power hierarchy within the Magus Tower, thereby eliminating the need for round-robin matches.

Krassu had always been of the opinion that a magic caster should always strive to improve. As long as one continued to better themselves relentlessly, there was no doubt that they would become an outstanding magic caster.

Of course, if there was more competition, there would be more motivation to improve, and that was why he had championed the tower ascending trial in the first place.

The tower ascending trial had been in place for several decades already, and it was constantly forcing magic casters to improve. If their performance during the trials were to deteriorate to a certain extent over time, and this deterioration wasn’t due to any extraordinary circumstances, then they would be evicted from the Magus Tower.

The fact that only magic casters who constantly improved could remain the Magus Tower ensured that it continued to be a holy land of the magic world.

There were nine levels of the Magus Tower in total, and each level presented a trial that could test the very limits of magic casters of the corresponding tier. The higher one ascended, the more difficult the trials became, so it naturally required progressively more time.

“Master, may I ask what you’ve summoned me here for?” A white-robed young boy emerged from the crowd before cupping his fists in a salute toward Richard.

“Kola, I would like you to compete in a tower ascending match with Krassu’s disciple. Scale five levels of the tower at the fastest speed possible, and show them that our Magus Tower is not to be looked down on.”

“Yes.” The calm and mature look on Kola’s tender face belied his age, and there was a hint of disdain in his eyes as he looked at Amy.

“Little Amy, it’s your time to shine,” Krassu said with a smile.

“Master, is it my turn to beat people up now?” Amy was rubbing her little hands together with excitement as her gaze settled on Kola.

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