Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear – Chapter 86 – Bear-san Explores The City

Alternative Name: Bear Bear Bear Kuma, くま クマ 熊 ベアー, 熊熊勇闖異世界, 熊熊熊bear

Author: Kumanano, くまなの

Chapter 86 – Bear-san Explores The City

After filling my belly with a delicious dinner, the uncle led me to my room.

Since there were a lot of vacant rooms, he let me take the biggest single room for the price of a normal room.

I plunged into the large bed, took out the Bear Phone, and called Fina in Crimonia to tell her that I had arrived in Mireera.

Fina was relieved to hear that I arrived safely.

I didn’t want to make Fina worried, so I didn’t tell her about the Kraken, or the state of the city.

I just told her that I wouldn’t be returning to town for a while.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I saw a big white Manjuu and a big black Manjuu on my bed.

Taking a better look, they were Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear that were sleeping on the bed curled in a ball shape.

I remembered that I summoned them yesterday as crime prevention.

A 15-year-old maiden was sleeping alone. This sort of precaution was necessary.

However, the bears were sleeping so soundly. Would they wake me up if something happened?

I trusted them though.

I petted the sleeping bears.

They did a little yawn before going back to their ball shape.

I returned them to gloves and got out of the bed.

I changed back to the Black Bear Suit from the White Bear Suit and descended to the first floor, where the dining room was.

「How early. Well, food is prepared.」

Macho brought out breakfast.

The food was so delicious that you would never believe that it was a muscled macho who made it.

At least his wife looked normal, and their children inherited her looks, not his.

Their son, who was older than me, was helping the inn and was also a fisherman.

It seemed that the fish offered by the inn were caught by the son, but because he couldn’t go out to the sea, he was just helping the inn now.

Their daughter was around the same age as me (she was taller than me though), and she helped her mother do the cleaning, the laundry, and food preparations.

Looking at the two of them, I really thought ‘it was great that they are not like the Macho’.

They should thank their mother for her genes.

While I was taking my time to eat a delicious breakfast, Ranya-san came.

「Yuna-chan, good morning. Did you sleep well?」

「Good morning. Thank you for taking me to this good inn, I slept really well.」

I finished eating my breakfast so I left the inn.

「So, where should we go first?」

「The sea first, I think. If there is a place that sells fish, I want to see that too.」

There were no marketplaces now, though.

「The Commerce Guild is managing the fish sales, so if you want to buy some, you will have to go there. It will be at an incredibly absurd price though.」

Well, they were in a difficult position where they could just fish in the shallows, so it was absolutely normal for them to be pricey.

I had money so I could buy them, but after hearing what Ranya-san said before, I instinctively didn’t want to buy them from the Commerce Guild.

「And I want to go to the Adventurer’s Guild too.」

I didn’t want to fight with the Kraken, but I wanted some information about the bandits.

If I could defeat the bandits, the coastal road would be accessible again. If that happened, the minimum necessary goods would be able to enter the city, and there would be no more people who would try to use the mountain range.

「By the way, where is Damon-san?」

「Damon went to distribute the food Yuna-chan gave us.」

「Is it okay? Will it be enough for all of you?」

「It will be okay for a while. We are exchanging the few ingredients we have amongst us, after all.」

「If you don’t have enough, just tell me, okay?」

After walking for awhile, the beach came into our view.

The sea spread infinitely from my point of view.

The blue sea, the infinite sea, the blue sky. It was a sea so calm that it was hard to imagine that the Kraken was there.

As I shifted my gaze to the left, I could see a lot of fishermen’s boats, anchored in the port.

I bet if the Kraken wasn’t around, a lot of these boats would be out on the sea.

「Is Ranya-san’s boat here too?」

「Yes, it is, but right now, since we don’t have the approval of the Commerce Guild, we aren’t able to move it.」

「Around where does the Kraken come out?」

I pointed at the sea I was looking at.

I really couldn’t imagine that, in this immense sea, this calm place, there was a Kraken.

「Where you say? It’s not only one place. All the boats that go too far from the shore are attacked. Sometimes, even if you fish near the shore, you can be attacked, so I can’t really accurately say where it will appear.」

For now, I had no methods of killing the Kraken.

I didn’t have any ways to fight on the sea.

I couldn’t fly in the sky, and I couldn’t dive into the sea.

In the game, during the sea event, there was an item that enabled us to breath underwater. That was why you wouldn’t die even if you fell from the boat, and you could attack as well.

If only it would come onto land, then I could fry it and make a giant grilled squid.

Well, just asking for the impossible would get me nowhere.

Even my omnipotent Bear Equipment couldn’t help me fight on the sea.

Let’s just pray that a rank S adventurer or the army would do something about it.

「But with it being this calm, it’s hard to think a Kraken is there.」

We walked along the coast, looking around.

We saw children on the nearby sandy beach.

They might be picking up manila clams.

It made me want to eat miso soup made of manila clams.

I started to really yearn for Japanese food.

Someone, please kill this Kraken.

I would pay, so could a S rank adventurer come, please?

WHile thinking something like that, I continued walking.

Next to the sandy beach, I could see a cliff.

「After this cliff, the bandits appear, so be careful if you are going there.」

Ranya-san warned me.

Would they attack me if I was walking on my own?

If that was the case, it would be less troublesome, since I wouldn’t have to go and look for them.

After checking out the sea, she brought me to a secondhand shop and a weapon shop.

Finally, I asked her to show me where the Commerce Guild and the Adventurer’s Guild were and parted ways with her.

I decided to go to the Adventurer’s Guild alone.

I went there alone because I had learned from my past experiences.

The same thing happened every time when I first went to the Adventurer’s Guild. (All because of my clothes.)

I couldn’t bring Ranya-san to a place like this.

For such a reason, I came to the Adventurer’s Guild alone.

It was smaller than the Adventurer’s Guild in Crimonia.

Preparing for a brawl with the adventurers, I entered the guild.

As I entered, the gazes of all the adventurers…didn’t turn to me.

「Nobody is here…」

「Ara, that’s not polite. I am here.」

I turned to where the voice came from, and saw an exhibitionist there.

Emphasised breasts. Skin laid bare around the waist, and a mini skirt.

A girl was sitting on a chair, drinking alcohol.

「Ara, why would a cute bear like you come to this Adventurer’s Guild?」

「This is the Adventurer’s Guild, right?」

Had I gone to the wrong place and entered a place for adults?

「That’s right.」

It seemed that it was the right place.

「Then, why would an exhibitionist be in this guild?」

「Ara, that’s not nice. I am in my civilian clothes. It makes the men really happy.」

She said that while tightening her chest.

It was a technique that the flat chested me couldn’t do at all.

I will be able to do it in a few years though.

「You say that it pleases the men, but there are no adventurers here.」

「Of course. Bear-san, didn’t you hear about this city’s affairs?」

「I heard that the city is troubled by the appearance of the Kraken and bandits. I also heard that all the high rank adventurers fled the city, escorting some of the citizens, and the only adventurers that remain are low rank ones.」

「That’s right for the most part. Only, the remaining adventurers are at the Commerce Guild.」

「Adventurers at the Commerce Guild?」

「Even if they are low ranked, they can hunt low ranked monsters or animals. And the Commerce Guild pays a lot to procure food, so the adventurers all went there.」

I see, if they didn’t sell it in the Adventurer’s Guild but rather in the Commerce Guild, they would make more money.

In the end, the adventurers chose money over big breasts.

I wouldn’t say that out loud though.

「The Adventurer’s Guild doesn’t buy it at the same price?」

「Ara, are you tell me to do something like those bastards did?」

The woman glared at me.

For a second, I faltered under her gaze.

「Fufu, it was a joke. Don’t be so startled. So, Bear-san, why did you come to the Adventurer’s Guild?」

「I came here to get some information about the bandits who appeared on the coast and also the Kraken.」

「Ara, what will you do after hearing that? Will the missy defeat them?」

「It’s impossible for me to defeat the Kraken, but depending on the information about the bandits, I plan on getting rid of them, yeah.」

When I responded like that, the woman started laughing.

「Fufu, ahahahahaha… It has been awhile since I last laughed that hard. Bear missy doing a bandit extermination? There are some people that like little girls like you in the bandit group, you know. Do you know what would happen to you if they caught you? 」

「I can do something as easy as bandit extermination, you know.」

「Ara, is that so. Then I won’t say more than this. If you are caught, don’t expect someone to come and save you.」

The woman said, looking annoyed.

「Bring out your guild card, then.」

The woman went behind the counter of the guild.

「You are?」

「Ah, now that I think about it, I didn’t introduce myself. I am the master of the Adventurer’s Guild in this city, Atora.」

Unexpectedly, the guild master was an exhibitionist.

Was there a shortage of capable people?

I gave my guild card to Atora-san.

「Are there no other employees?」

「With the city’s situation, the Adventurer’s Guild is not allowed to leisurely do as we please.」

Weren’t you just drinking alcohol before, looking totally free?

「The ones who know how to fight went to the mountain range to catch some food, and the ones who are somewhat strong went to nearby towns to negotiate for a dispatch of adventurers. The last ones went to dismantle the monsters and animals and distribute the food.」

「Distribute the food?」

「Yes, we have a food shortage after all. It affects a lot of the inhabitants of this city. We can’t just let them die. We are helping as much as we can.」

Contrary to her appearance, she was an excellent guild master who did all she could for the sake of the residents.

Still, that should have been the work of the mayor though.

「What is the mayor doing?」

「He isn’t doing anything. He fled after all, taking his entire wealth with him. The Commerce Guild controls the town now.」

Mayor-san, that’s no good.

Was it because his position wasn’t appointed by the country, so he wouldn’t be punished?

I didn’t understand how the politics of this world worked, so it was useless to think about it.

Atora-san placed the guild card she received from me on a crystal board and operated it.

「Rank D adventurer…」

Atora-san read out loud my guild rank.

「This is…」

Squinting her eyes, she read the words that appeared on the crystal board.


The word leaked out from Atora-san’s mouth.

「Monsters… Subjugation of… Tigers… Black… Percentage of request completion 100%…」

She muttered with a voice so small that I couldn’t understand all of it. Fragments of what I could hear made me understand that she was looking at the list of monsters that I had subjugated.

Atora-san froze at the sight of my completed subjugations.

「What happened?」

「Ah, sorry about it. I was overwhelmed by the information I saw on your guild card.」

「The information on the guild card?」

「The hero of Erufanica, Tiger Wolf subjugation, Black Viper subjugation, completion rate of request is 100%, recommendation of the capital’s guild master. And finally, the seal of His Majesty, the King of Erufanica is stamped on the guild card.」

「What is this thing about the hero of Erufanica? The recommendation of the guild master? The stamp of the King? This is the first time I have heard of those things.」

「Those are the titles given to the person who has been recognised for their exploits by the King and the capital’s guild master. Missy, what did you do?」

It seemed that they didn’t write what I did.

「I just exterminated some monsters.」

「Just exterminated some monsters… Missy, do you even know how amazing this is?」

There was no way I could. It had only been few months since I came to this world. I didn’t know the common sense of this world at all.

「And the King’s stamp. What did you do for him to stamp it in?」

「What is this about the King’s stamp?」

「It’s the stamp the King reserves for adventurers or merchants he has the most trust in. They are given to the ones who had worked for the country and made really big achievements. Missy, you didn’t lie about your age, did you?」

「I am a young girl, 15 years old.」

I didn’t know that they wrote something like that on my guild card. I would really like them to stop doing such things on their own accord.

Would this make a huge racket every time I went to a new guild?

「Is it possible to erase this?」

「Wh, what are you saying!? There’s no way I would erase it, you know. It’s the King’s seal, you know!」

「It’s a real pain though.」

「It’s okay. Those titles can be seen only by the guild masters, so if you just use it normally no one will be able to see it. And if you encounter a problem in a guild, you just have to show your card to a guild master and they will suddenly treat you really well, I bet.」

Was it like the all important seal case used a long time ago?

(ED: seal case = inrō)

「But if the Guild Master starts talking about it to everyone, there is no meaning to it, is there?」

「The message of the capital’s guild master states that it has to stay confidential, so it’s okay. If they talked, they would face a big punishment.」

It seemed that they muzzled them well.

If it helped me when I was in trouble, I would readily accept it and use it in place of a seal case.

「Strong adventurers are always welcome! I will say this again, but welcome to the city.」

She presented her hand, so I took it into my Bear Hand.

「Then Hero-san, I want to hear it from you directly, can you kill the Kraken?」

「Impossible. I have no methods of killing it. If it is in the sea, I have no means of attacking it.」

I clearly stated that it was impossible.

「I see, as I thought, it’s impossible.」

She said, looking disappointed.

I would like you to not think that a 15 years old maiden could do a Kraken subjugation.

「I will do something about the bandits though.」

「Thank you. Even if it’s just that, it will help us greatly.」

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