Martial God Asura – Chapter 4742: Another Level

Alternative Name: Mga, Xiuluo Wushen, 修罗武神

Author: Kindhearted Bee, 善良的蜜蜂, Shan Liang De Mi Feng

Chapter 4742: Another Level

Chu Feng didn’t hold it against Li Muzhi and the others.

After assuring them that it was fine, he began setting up a formation that would increase his mental processing ability using the supporting formation. He didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. He wanted to see if the powerful supporting formation from the sect founder would aid him in unlocking the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

“I didn’t expect Junior Chu Feng to have such high proficiency in world spiritist techniques. Among the juniors of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, I reckon that the only one who can match him is Xia Yan.”

“Junior Chu Feng should have demonstrated his world spiritist technique earlier. If he had, we wouldn’t have belittled him.”

The other personal disciples stood by the side together with Li Muzhi and Lu Long as they watched Chu Feng set up the formation. As rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritists, they could tell that Chu Feng’s control over his spirit power had reached an incredible level, far beyond their current reach.

If they thought of themselves as world spiritist prodigies, Chu Feng would be on a whole different level than them.

What Chu Feng was currently doing was more than enough to differentiate himself from them.

“He’s someone who managed to defeat me once. How could he possibly be weak? In my view, it’s only a matter of time before Xia Yan loses her position as the strongest world spiritist!” Li Muzhi said gleefully.

He was an incredibly proud person, such that he wasn’t willing to let others know about his defeat. However, there was no doubt that Chu Feng’s spirit power was above his, and the latter had managed to break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record not too long ago.

This made him think that it wasn’t that much of an embarrassment for him to have lost to Chu Feng back then.

After Chu Feng finished setting up his formation, he stepped inside and started to activate it so as to increase his mental processing ability.

However, Li Muzhi and the others were suddenly horrified upon seeing this. Li Muzhi asked nervously, “Junior Chu Feng, shouldn’t you modify your formation a little?”

He was anxious because he realized that even though Chu Feng’s formation was formidable, there was a great chance that it might be overwhelmed by the immense prowess of the supporting formation and collapse.

“Junior Li, there’s no need to worry. I know what I’m doing,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

He proceeded to close his eyes before forming several hand seals, activating the formation for real.

Li Muzhi and the others couldn’t help but sweat profusely upon seeing this sight. It was only when the formation remained stable even after being activated for a while did they finally heave a sigh of relief.

At the same time, their perception of Chu Feng changed once more.

“What amazing control of spirit power!”

“Isn’t Junior Chu Feng’s skills as a world spiritist already above that of Xia Yan?”

“I can’t say much for the other aspects, but his feat of activating and controlling such a powerful formation without setting up a second stabilizing formation is amazing in itself. Xia Yan is definitely unable to do the same!”

The other personal disciples exclaimed in awe.

They were familiar with the supporting formation, and that was why they were shocked.

Chu Feng was using a method which they thought was completely infeasible to activate the formation, but he managed to pull off the impossible! To make an analogy, it was as if he was bathing into a whirlpool that would ravage anyone who tried to come close to it.

At this moment, they felt complete admiration for Chu Feng, for he had accomplished something which they felt that they might be unable to achieve in their entire life.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng couldn’t hear what they were saying anymore. His attention was completely absorbed in driving the formation to unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

To his delight, he found his mind clearing up more than ever under the effects of the formation, allowing him to notice some key clues. He was certain that he would be able to unseal the Fourth Essence at this rate. This made him excited yet worried at the same time.

According to the mysterious expert, his cultivation would rise as he continued to unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, and this was the time to verify it. If his cultivation did rise with the unlocking of the Fourth Essence, he could possibly grow swiftly within a short period of time.

Other than the East Dragon, West Tiger, South Vermilion, and North Tortoise, there were many other neutral territories in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect too. Some of these territories were accessible to all disciples whereas others were limited to only members of a certain standing.

At this very moment, three people were standing in the depths of a cultivation location where only the most esteemed disciples could access. Two of them were Duanmu Xiang and Duan Yang whereas the last one was Xia Ran.

Xia Ran had regained his ability to walk, but his face remained incredibly pale. It was apparent that he had yet to fully recover from his injuries.

Xia Ran looked at the Duanmu Brothers in disappointment as he exclaimed, “Seniors, how could Hidden Dragon Disciples like you be afraid of Chu Feng?!”

As it turned out, after Xia Ran had regained his consciousness, he received a warning from the elders of the South Vermilion Hall not to make things difficult for Chu Feng anymore and admit his mistakes to him.

Xia Ran agreed to it on the surface, but he wasn’t willing to let things rest just like that. So, he approached the Duanmu Brothers in hopes that the latter could teach Chu Feng a lesson on his behalf. That was also why the Duanmu Brothers provoked Chu Feng back then.

However, they didn’t expect that Chu Feng would actually be able to find a backing so quickly, and it was actually someone with a high standing at that!

With Lu Long siding with Chu Feng, the Duanmu Brothers couldn’t do anything at all.

“We aren’t afraid of Chu Feng, but Lu Long is a different matter. He’s a close buddy of Li Muzhi, and it’s said that the two of them have braved through death before. Based on what I’ve heard, Lu Long brought Chu Feng to Li Muzhi’s residence. Perhaps, it might even be Li Muzhi or Lord Li Fengxian’s intention to help Chu Feng.

“You should know deep well who Li Muzhi and Li Fengxian are. They are people whom we can’t afford to offend!” the Duanmu Brothers said.

“Seniors, do you still remember what my older sister told you?” Xia Ran asked.

“Junior Xia, you know deep well that we have no grudge with Chu Feng. If not for the fact that Junior Xia Yan told us to take care of you, we wouldn’t have even provoked him in the first place. Putting aside whether he has backing or not, just the fact that he was able to break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record shows that he’s no pushover. It’s clearly unwise to make an enemy out of him. I believe that we have already shown enough respect to Junior Xia Yan by making a move here.

“Besides, we’re aware of your grudge with Chu Feng, and you’re the one who’s at fault here. In any case, we’ve already done everything we could for you, so don’t expect us to help you deal with Chu Feng anymore in the future. If you still want to provoke him, you should wait until Junior Xia Yan returns from her closed-door training.”

The Duanmu Brothers seemed to have already made up their minds. After saying their piece, they turned around and left the area.

Xia Ran gritted his teeth furiously as killing intent flurried in his eyes.

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