Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor – Chapter 1109 – Dread

Alternative Name: Gui Yi Feng Jiu, 天医凤九, 绝色妖娆:鬼医至尊, 鬼医凤九

Author: 凤炅

Chapter 1109: Dread

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Feng Jiu didn’t turn around when she heard the loud thumping noise as well as the evil cultivators’ curses. Instead, she lifted her vital energy and swept up so fast that she soon disappeared from their sights again. The evil cultivators were so angry that they gritted their teeth and roared with fury.

“Horrid brat! Don’t run if you’ve got guts!”

However, when she thought of the great snake’s increased strength and the red bump on its head, Feng Jiu didn’t want to fight. After shaking off those people as well as the vipers at the first chance, she controlled her breath and arrived at a mountain wall.

Her eyes lit up when she saw the spirit herbs growing on the wall of the mountain. It was exactly what she was looking for. After finding it, she intended to go back to the cave-dwelling to refine medicinal pills. That place had a boundary. Even if the snakes wanted to find her, they might not be able to. Additionally, Duan Ye and his friends were there. She was a little worried.

Although Cloud Devouring Beast was there to look after them, she would feel relieved to be there at their side. At the very least, she could deal with the situation the first time it happened.

She had no idea whether it was due to the regional differences, but since she started entering this area, she sensed that the flying restrictions were not put in force here. However, it was easy to get exposed and be an easy target in the sky. Additionally, there were many trees in the forest, so very few people flew.

She had previously thought that this area was like the previous ones where people couldn’t fly. But after evading the pursuit of poisonous snakes and evil cultivators, her keen sensitivity detected that this place was different from the previous ones.

Since there were no flying restrictions here, she could use a magical flying tool to ascend. Otherwise, she would not be able to scale that half of the mountain wall just by climbing.

Having determined, she tossed out her flying feather and jumped up, sat on it and came to the mountain wall midway. She picked up the spirit herbs growing on the mountain wall and put them into space.

She had no knowledge at all that after she slipped away, those evil cultivators, as well as those other few, were chased by the poisonous snakes and had no way to escape. Those evil cultivators had many casualties at the battle in that particular area.

The few Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators were clever. When the snakes besieged the evil cultivators, they chopped down the trees so that a hole appeared in the woods blanketed with trees. They lifted their vital energy quickly, intending to fly on their flying swords and avoid the poisonous snakes on the ground. Unexpectedly, it was only after they came up that they became aware of the flying restriction in this area.

“Get your sword off the ground!’

As soon as the leader of the evil cultivators saw the few people fled, he immediately called out the flying sword, emulating the others’ action to evade the murderous siege on the ground.

However, due to their fear as well as the swarm of snakes’ siege, some of the evil cultivators below were unable to fly and were still unable to escape. They were completely unaware that they could fly on their swords in this place.

Also, the sky was invisible in this area’s dense forest. Additionally, when they entered this area, it was impossible for them to fly. Therefore, they all thought it had the same restriction here. When the danger approached, some people risked it and tried, while some were panicky. They just dashed forward, trying to shake off the danger behind.


Shrill cries were heard in the forest. When the few cultivators who stood mid-air on their swords, as well as several evil cultivators, saw a giant snake at the saint beast peak-stage emerging from the forest below, they all gasped in horror.

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