Reborn Girl’s New Life – Chapter 713 – The Same People

Alternative Name: 重生千金归来

Author: Tian Can Xue Ling Zhi, 天蚕雪灵芝

Chapter 713 The Same People

Since Luo Chen could do such a thing, it showed that he was an unscrupulous person.

And Shao Tianze would also achieve his goals by hook or by crook. Two unscrupulous men came together.

The one who moved faster would be the winner.

Shao Tianze was meticulous and careful.

After receiving Shao Xue’s call, he immediately realized that this incident would affect Shao Xue’s wedding.

Shao Tianze was in urgent need of the Luo Family’s power. If this wedding could not be held smoothly and Luo Jiachi’s life was at stake, Luo Chen would be in control of the Luo Family.

By then, Shao Tianze’s wishes would fall to nothing.

Shao Tianze could not afford to lose the Luo Family’s help, nor could he let Luo Chen take power.

The only way was to continue the wedding, enabling Shao Xue and Luo Xi to get married smoothly.

Then, Shao Tianze would help Luo Xi gain control of the Luo Family.

Shao Tianze quickly thought in his mind. After hearing Shao Xue’s words, he comforted her, “It’s OK. Don’t be afraid.”

Having got Song Yunxuan’s instructions and comfort, Shao Xue knew what she should do and was not overly frightened or afraid.

However, since Shao Tianze consoled her, she needed to cooperate to perform.

“Brother, what should I do? The wedding…”

“The wedding needs to continue.” As Song Yunxuan had said, Shao Tianze insisted on carrying on the wedding.

“But, under such circumstances, the wedding…” Shao Xue hesitated.

Shao Tianze could hear that Shao Xue worried that the wedding could not be completed smoothly under the current circumstances, so he said, “You only need to care about the wedding. I will deal with Luo Jiachi’s affairs. How is Luo Xi?”

What Shao Tianze worried about most was Luo Xi’s current situation. If Luo Jiachi could not wake up again, Shao Tianze could only pin all his hopes on Luo Xi.

He did not hope that Luo Xi was unable to make correct judgments after being frightened by such an accident.

If Luo Xi was this kind of person, Shao Tianze might not be able to shake off the backwardness even if the Shao Family and the Luo Family were allied.

Shao Tianze calculated a lot and said to Shao Xue, “Give the phone to Luo Xi. I want to tell him something.”

Shao Xue obediently gave her mobile phone to Luo Xi, “My brother wants to talk to you.”

Luo Xi was staring at Luo Chen with hatred. He almost wanted to tear Luo Chen right away.

However, Luo Chen was very calm, not afraid of the hatred look in his nephew’s eyes at all.

Luo Chen even smiled while expressing grief.

It was a smug smile.

He did not want this wedding to go smoothly. If this wedding was completed successfully, Shao Tianze would help Luo Xi, which meant that his enemy would increase by one.

He knew what Shao Tianze was like.

Shao Tianze and his sister-in-law killed his wife and took away his wife’s property, which showed that Shao Tianze was the same kind of person as Luo Chen.

Both of them were sinister and cunning. The fight between them would definitely take time and effort.

Luo Chen thought he had better break up the relationship between Shao Tianze and his nephew before they could cooperate.

Luo Chen was sure that the wedding could not proceed smoothly at this point.

After taking Shao Xue’s phone, Luo Xi calmed down a bit.

“Luo Xi, I will help you block the news of your grandpa’s accident. What do you think about the wedding?”

Shao Tianze did not directly force the wedding to be completed. He asked Luo Xi’s opinion first.

Hearing Shao Tianze’s question, Luo Xi immediately said, “The wedding will go on.”

Shao Tianze was very satisfied with Luo Xi’s answer.

What Shao Tianze wanted was exactly what Luo Xi had said.

“Since you want the wedding to continue, I will help you block the news of your grandpa’s admission to the hospital.”

For the wedding to proceed smoothly, the news of Luo Jiachi entering the hospital must be suppressed.

Luo Xi nodded and expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, my brother-in-law.”

Shao Tianze heard Luo Xi calling him brother-in-law and enjoyed it. He urged, “I will temporarily control Luo Chen for you. I hope everything goes well for the wedding.”

“I understand.”

Now his grandfather was going to be taken to hospital.

On the surface, he could only rely on Shao Tianze and Shao Xue’s help.

Therefore, no matter what Shao Tianze said and commanded him to do, Luo Xi would nod and accept it.

Shao Tianze was satisfied with his obedience.

After a few instructions, Shao Tianze asked Luo Xi to give the phone to Shao Xue.

He gave Shao Xue the mobile phone in his hand.

After getting the phone, Shao Xue asked Shao Tianze, “Brother, what should we do now?”

“You go and make preparations for your wedding. You just treat it as nothing happened.”


Shao Xue nodded.

Then, she turned to look at Luo Xi.

Seeing Shao Xue’s eyes, Luo Xi secretly gave her a nod.

After hanging up the phone, Shao Xue supported Luo Xi and asked him, “Did you get hurt?”

Hearing Shao Xue’s question, Luo Xi could not help but look at Mr. Zhang, who had been pushed down the stairs by Luo Chen.

Mr. Zhang was lying on the ground, motionless.

He obviously had no signs of life.

Luo Xi gritted his teeth and answered in a low voice, “No.”

“Well, let’s go back. My brother will send someone to deal with things here soon.”

Luo Xi nodded and followed Shao Xue to walk towards the elevator.

Holding Luo Jiachi’s body, Luo Chen believed that people would rush here when they heard noises and commotion.

They would see the situation here and spread it widely. That would make the guests and reporters at the wedding know about Luo Jiachi’s accident. As a result, the wedding would be forced to suspend.

He planned very happily in his heart.

However, the reporters and onlookers he was waiting for did not show up.

He only saw Shao Xue and Luo Xi turning and leaving.

Luo Chen’s expression changed. He reprimanded Luo Xi, “You are unfilial! Your grandpa is lying here. You don’t even take a look.”

Hearing what Luo Chen said behind him, Luo Xi frowned.

Then, he turned around and said to Luo Chen, “You want to spoil my wedding ceremony, right?”

A cold expression appeared in Luo Chen’s eyes.

He really wanted to spoil Luo Xi’s wedding.

He wanted to do it extremely.

He was about to succeed. In order to achieve this purpose, he had even tried to kill his father. He could not let Luo Xi’s wedding go smoothly.

Looking at Luo Chen, Luo Xi clearly said, “Stop daydreaming.”

Luo Chen’s expression became dark.

Then, before Luo Chen could speak, Luo Xi and Shao Xue walked forward together and directly went into the elevator.

Luo Chen knew very well that Luo Xi and Shao Xue were going to continue the wedding.

Seeing them leave, with a dark face, Luo Chen released Luo Jiachi’s body and stood up, trying to rush to stop Luo Xi.

However, when he just got up from the ground, two security guards immediately rushed to control him.

Luo Chen struggled instinctively and turned his head back to scold the guards, “Let me go! You b*stards!”

Keeping their faces dark, the security guards unmoved but controlled him more tightly.

The doctors and nurses in white uniforms also came down the stairs and quickly carried Luo Jiachi and Mr. Zhang onto the stretchers.

Luo Chen still wanted to shout.

However, he heard a man’s cold voice commanding, “Take Mr. Luo to the lounge.”

Hearing the voice, Luo Chen turned around at once and saw Shao Tianze.

Luo Chen sneered, “Are you trying to shut me up and block the news that my father is going to the hospital?”

Shao Tianze looked at him with resentment, “What do you think?”

“You are working so hard for Luo Xi.”

Luo Chen grinned villainously, and his face became ferocious and distorted.

Shao Tianze squinted after seeing Luo Chen’s grim and twisted smile.

Shao Tianze motioned to the security guards to drag Luo Chen into the lounge as soon as possible.

Seeing Luo Chen being so unscrupulous, Shao Tianze felt like that he was looking at himself in the mirror.

Luo Chen would use every vicious method in order to get the Luo Family.

Shao Tianze also had been vicious and inhuman in order to fulfill his wish of becoming the Gu Family’s son-in-law at that time.

Luo Chen stared at Shao Tianze. Before he was dragged away, he sneered and said, “Does Luo Xi deserve your laborious help?”

Shao Tianze did not speak.

Luo Chen said again, “It’s better to help me instead of working with that inexperienced young man. If you cooperate with me, I can also help your Shao Family after I take control of the Luo Family.”

Luo Chen changed his approach, wanting to persuade Shao Tianze to cooperate with him.

However, when hearing Luo Chen’s words, Shao Tianze only pursed his lips and said, “I will not cooperate with you.”

“Why?” Luo Chen could not understand why Shao Tianze was unwilling to cooperate with him, “I have more opportunities and possibility to control the Luo Family than Luo Xi as long as you help me rather than him.”

He had done so many things.

His father was hospitalized and was at stake.

As long as Shao Tianze was willing to help him, he could eliminate Luo Xi as easily as trampling on an ant.

Why did Shao Tianze prefer Luo Xi and give up working with him?

Luo Chen stared at Shao Tianze closely, trying to force Shao Tianze to give him a reason.

Shao Tianze looked at Luo Chen and said, “Because I hate you.”

Luo Chen was as sinister as Shao Tianze. Such people would never be grateful.

At present, Luo Chen wanted to persuade Shao Tianze to cooperate with him and help each other.

However, when the situation stabilized and he successfully removed Luo Xi from the Luo Family, no one could guarantee that Luo Chen would not turn against Shao Tianze, give up their cooperation, and attack him.

Shao Tianze would not believe such a person.

Luo Chen was being dragged away by the guards.

Luo Chen only arranged a few trusted people in the hotel where the wedding was held because of his father.

However, these people had not appeared until now. Obviously, they had already been under control.

He had no way to resist and could only let the guard drag him away.

Nevertheless, after hearing Shao Tianze’s rejection, he quickly understood why Shao Tianze refused him.

“Are you rejecting me because I am the same person like you?”

Shao Tianze put his sight on Luo Chen.

Seeing Shao Tianze looking at him, Luo Chen laughed, “You are as disgusting and annoying as me!”

His voice was loud, mocking, and disgusting, which made Shao Tianze more depressed.

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