The Highest Bounty – Chapter 245 – The Arrival of A Deity

Alternative Name: 至高悬赏

Author: 酒煮核弹头

Chapter 245: The Arrival of A Deity

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Potie moved all ten of her fingers and made strange markings. All of a sudden, the remaining corpse dummies that were over two hundred in number sprang up and lunged wildly at Gu Ding and his crew.

Gu Ding and Biggie were incapable of stopping Potie’s hand movements because she was standing just outside of their attack range.

More than two hundred corpse dummies were put in a state of revolt. Gu Ding and Biggie were placed in a dire situation.

On the other hand, rather than looking on, Potie walked toward the only tomb that was still standing.

The tomb was green in color and had several loops of black energy on its surface which seemed to be suppressing a corpse dummy beneath it. That was why the corpse dummy underneath that tomb had not risen even after Gu Ding and his crew had entered Potie’s domain.

A perfect personal domain had to have a guardian item. For example, in Roland’s case, there was a sky-reaching giant sword. The Lower Ranking deity’s body was the guardian item of Potie’s personal domain, as well as the strongest being in the entire domain.

The deity’s body had been found among the remnants of an ancient civilization by the Dark Sectors’ lord and senior elder. Even the body’s Deity Position was intact. After taking possession of the deity’s body, the senior elder gave it to Potie to be the guardian item of her domain.

Potie would not have gotten to where she was currently without the help of the senior elder.

From the first day she joined the Dark Sectors, the senior elder cared for her whether it was consciously or unconsciously. It allowed her to sail smoothly through the rank of the Dark Sectors. She easily became a demigod in less than two hundred years and managed to climb to the position of an elder.

After becoming an elder, the senior elder began to show his fondness of her even more. This made other elders shy away from her. The senior elder presented her with the bodies of Dunn and Scrogg, whom he had killed in front of everyone. It was because of the two corpse dummies that Potie was able to kill Maguk who was ranked seventh on the Demigod Monster Ranking, taking over his place.

The senior elder’s behavior led many people to think that he and Potie had an illicit relationship going on. Hence, when Potie was promoted to become the second elder, no one raised any objections. Even the domain lord kept a tacit attitude.

In fact, Potie did not know why the senior elder was so kind to her. She had thought that the senior elder was interested in her. However, over the past two thousand years, she had been on hundreds of missions with the senior elder, and yet he never touched her even once.

In the eyes of others, she was the senior elder’s exclusive property–people did not know how many times she had slept with him. However, the truth was she had not slept with him even once. The senior elder had never even held her hand. She was, of course, an intelligent woman and never challenged that. That was because she did not know what the senior elder actually wanted. She did not know if the senior elder would still remain partial to her after they picked apart the matter. Hence, she chose to remain silent. Although she heard many rumors of people secretly accusing her of being a whore, she chose to ignore them. Not to say that she avoided intimacy, but it was a matter concerning both the man and woman-mutual consent was involved. Hence, even if the rumors were true, there was nothing for her to be ashamed of as other’s opinions did not matter.

Potie also remembered the senior elder’s words when he secretly handed the deity’s body to her. “This deity may only be a 5-star Lower Ranking deity, but he’s from a special race from Ancient Times and has very strong combat effectiveness that is comparable to that of a 3-star Medium Ranking deity. Don’t mention your possession of the body to anyone, not even those you trust the most. You can use him as the guardian item for your domain. With him in hand, you will be able to suppress a true Lower Ranking deity if you meet one.”

Potie had held the body in her possession for more than a hundred years but never used it once. It was ironic that she was going to use it on Gu Ding who was only a Rank-7 Gene Body.

Nevertheless, she had noticed that the ax in Gu Ding’s hand was not a demigod item at all. It was a real god item and a very powerful one at that. If she allowed Gu Ding to go on like that, perhaps it would become possible for him to break out of her domain. Then, she would fail her mission. Therefore, she had to resort to using the most powerful means in order to suppress Gu Ding and his crew.

Before reaching the tomb, Potie bit her finger and dripped some blood onto it. At once, the green tombstone began to shake. The shaking started out lightly but grew more violent as time passed.

Not long after, the first loop of black energy seemed to have been cut by something as it suddenly broke and then dissipated.

Then the second loop, the third… It was not until the seventh loop that all the black energy vanished completely and the ground of the whole domain began to shake violently. It was as if a horrible being was trying to break through the earth.

Gu Ding and his crew were still surrounded by corpse dummies. Fifty to sixty of them had been killed by Gu Ding and Biggie under a few minutes. Nevertheless, the rest of them were still standing bravely.

When the ground began to shake violently, Biggie, the strongest of them all, felt a great sense of danger. Biggie’s body felt an uncontrollable thrill at the sense of it. It was his body reacting naturally to the situation.

The corpse dummies that had lunged at Gu Ding stopped moving and looked toward the direction of where Potie was standing. Their expressions were glazed. It was if they were pilgrims looking at their own venerating presence.

Gu Ding and the rest also noticed that Potie was standing in the same spot where the last tomb was; it was the very spot where Neptune had said the deity was buried at.

“That woman has released the last deity…” Neptune was speechless. There was still some hope when Gu Ding became able to wield the god item, but now, their escape was completely out of the question.

Neptune compared the energy fluctuations of the deity with those that had been recorded during ancient civilization. He found that the energy fluctuations of the deity were strong enough to match the intensity of a 2-star or even 2-star Medium Ranking deity from ancient civilization. If it only had the combat effectiveness of a Lower Ranking deity, they still would have had a chance to win with Gu Ding’s god item. However, the current creature in front of them had combat effectiveness equivalent to that of a Medium Ranking deity. Even If Roland joined the crew, they might not be able to escape their fate of being suppressed.

Lilliath looked anxiously at where Potie was standing, her eyes were wide and tears were streaming down her face non-stop. She shouted, “Stop! I’ll go with you as long as you stop right now!!!”

Seeing Lilliath’s desperate expression, Potie smirked and laughed mockingly. “Now you’re begging me? Too bad it’s too late. Besides, you’re not the only one we want. I want Gu Ding too. However, I wouldn’t let the rest of you go even if you and Gu Ding were to beg me to stop. That’s because you made my domain what it is now. Only by turning all of you into corpse dummies can I eliminate my hatred.”

“Of course, before that, I’ll capture you and Gu Ding alive. I’ll take control of Gu Ding’s artificial super-intelligence and use it to gain access to the Harris family’s Databank. The two of you won’t escape the fate of being turned into corpse dummies. As for the others, I’ll just kill you on the spot.”

It did not occur to Gu Ding that the members of the Dark Sectors knew about Neptune. Nevertheless, it was not the time to think about it. Gu Ding was more concerned with what he could do to save himself and his crew.

Not far from Potie’s feet, a huge hand popped out. The hand which was twenty to thirty meters long was aquamarine in color, and it reflected the glint of a golden stone in the moonlight. The mere sight of the hand gave everyone the impression that the corpse dummy was a colossal being.

Under everyone’s gaze, the huge corpse dummy slowly rose up from the ground. When it’s full form was displayed, it shocked Gu Ding and his crew even more.

The corpse dummy, more than three hundred meters tall, looked like a living being as it stood on two feet. Nevertheless, it was clearly inhuman. The corpse dummy’s body was aquamarine in color and it had six arms along with three heads. It had three eyes on each of its heads. Its mouths had no lips at all and only showed rows of silver-like teeth that were razor-sharp.

After rising from the earth, the creature raised all three of its heads and opened each one of its mouths at the same time before it let out a roar. Its roar was like a piercing sound wave, and three of them were produced at the same time. Gu Ding and his crew struggled to maintain their composure. Nevertheless, when the three-headed monster opened its mouths, they noticed that it did not have a single tongue. All it had was sharp teeth that were arranged very densely. Its mouths were like boards of wood that had hundreds of silver nails attached to it. Looking at the number of teeth it had, there were at least three to four hundred of them in each head. It made them get goosebumps.

At the first sight of the colossal monster, Gu Ding and his crew were aware of its mightiness. The mere sound of its roar from nearly a kilometer away was enough to send them reeling. The demigod corpse dummies, who were standing motionless not far away from Gu Ding and his crew, were trembling. Most of them had been blown away by the impact of the sound wave.

Gu Ding and Biggie both looked up and stared at the three-headed monster with furrowed brows.

On the other hand, Lilliaith looked dazed, visibly shaken by it.

Elsa clutched her ax with a helpless look on her face. “That guy feels almost as strong as Dad. There’s no way we can beat it.”

Potie, who was standing on the monster’s shoulder, smiled proudly and pointed a finger at where Gu Ding and his crew were. She shouted at the three-headed monster, “Teach them a lesson!”

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