Venerated Venomous Consort – Chapter 1410 – Got His Body Back In Control

Alternative Name: The Evil Consort Above An Evil King, 毒妃在上

Author: Mu Danfeng, 穆丹枫

Chapter 1410: Got His Body Back In Control

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Lei doubted for a moment. However, he trusted Mu Feng very much. Hence, he began meditating according to Mu Feng’s instruction.

His response towards the antidote was greater than Mu Feng as his spiritual power was relatively low. Hence, his face turned greenish and pale. After that, it then turned red.

Fortunately, he possessed a strong sense of determination. Hence, he did not jump up from the ground. About five to six minutes later, he finished meditating. Without saying a single word, he immediately rushed to the toilet and threw up.

Mu Feng followed him and tapped on his back as he asked, “How are you feeling?”

Mu Lei slowly straightened his back and looked at Mu Feng. He was trembling. “Mu Feng, I… I…”

Mu Feng continued checking as he gazed at Mu Lei. “How do you feel? Do you feel that you have regained control over your limbs? Is it moving according to your will?”

Mu Lei’s limbs were trembling. He first looked at his hands and then grabbed onto Mu Feng’s arm after he had tried to make several gestures. “You added something into the drink! I can finally be myself! Were you in control all the while? Where did you get the antidote?”

Mu Feng smiled as he nodded even though his arm was in pain. “You’re finally conscious! God knows how tiring it was for me to pretend to be a lunatic for two years.”

Though Mu Lei was a tough man, his eye started tearing at that moment. Only God knows how much he suffered all those years as he watched his body being controlled to do evil things after listening to the instructions of the brats!

He wanted to instruct his body to commit suicide. However, he did not have any control over his body. Finally, he was in control of his body once more!

“Where did you get the antidote? Do you have any more? Mu Yun and Mu Dian are still…” Mu Lei used to be a steady and calm person. However, he subconsciously spoke as though he was a machine gun.

Mu Feng tapped his shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ve got some ready for them as well.”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go and see them!” Mu Lei pulled Mu Feng’s arm and was ready to find them.

Mu Feng immediately pulled him back and said, “Miss Gu had mentioned before that there are many so-called CCTVs everywhere. Hence, you need to pretend as though you’re still under control. You shouldn’t be too happy. Let’s do it my way. I’ll go and look for Mu Yun, while you go and find Mu Dian. Follow the way that I have taught you and make Mu Dian eat the antidote. After that, meet me in the bamboo grove. I have something to tell you. Remember to avoid being detected by the CCTV.”

Mu Lei knew that it was a grave matter. Hence, he nodded and followed Mu Feng out of his room once he managed to calm himself.

Gu Xijiu was still hiding in the dark. Finally, she heaved a sigh of relief when she discovered that Mu Lei had recovered. She had already passed the other two pills to Mu Feng. Currently, she was sending a directed audio to him so that he could proceed to save the other two messengers. Meanwhile, Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu would head straight to the jail as she had to save Li Mengxia and prevent her from suffering any longer in there.

Soon enough, they both managed to find the location of the prison according to the map that had been drafted by Mu Feng.

Indeed, the jail guards were the confidants of the imposter. The guards slacked a lot during their duties as the mansion was extremely strong, and no one could enter. Their job was to make sure that the prisoners were always in their cell and are not allowed to escape.

Furthermore, the prisoners in the cells were usually severely injured, or they were bounded by a particular kind of chains which restricted them from using their spiritual power. They were hardly able to run in a circle, let alone escape from the jail. Therefore, the guards were quite relaxed and so only one jailor was usually on duty. Meanwhile, the rest had already fallen asleep as it was rather late at night.

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