Novel: My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Alternative Name: Musdnac, Musdnc, 学渣同桌不需要安慰

Author: Long Qi, 龙柒

Qiao Shao, who worked hard to stay up all night and study, was first in class — if you count from the bottom.He Shen, who was able to get a perfect score even when he slept all day, in a rare display of kindness, bought a bottle of drink to comfort his s*upid seatmate.Then he saw the messages popping up on Qiao Shao’s phone—Dad: Don’t panic, it’s okay if you didn’t do well in the exam. Dad just ordered a new sports car for you.Granddad: Grandson, there’s no need to hurry. It’s alright even if you didn’t do well in your exam. Granddad bought a new yacht for you, come and take a break.Grandpa: Grandson, don’t cry, it’s okay if you didn’t do well in the exam. Grandpa’s billions-worth of properties are all yours.With a blank expression, He Shen threw his 2.5 Yuan worth bottle of drink into the tr*sh.Hold your horses! Comfort?